Valentine’s Magic

214 Words

James had a question.

His parents were always telling him stories about gnomes.

James desperately wanted to believe the stories.

But he was scared.

Scared they weren’t real. That magic didn’t exist.

On Valentine’s Day, James hatched a plan.

He gathered his favorite sparkly pen, his thickest red construction paper, and his stickiest glue.

At lunchtime, his family tromped into the woods for a picnic celebration.

James wandered over to the gnarled roots of a giant Redwood tree.

He knew from his parent’s stories that gnomes lived in trees.

And he knew they loved to dig for treasure.

He began to dig.

When he could dig no further, James pulled something from his pocket.

The paper heart said simply, “Dear Gnome, Are you real? I want to believe in magic.”

James covered the hole and ran back to his family.

All afternoon he waited. He watched. He wondered.

But he saw no sign of a gnome.

As his family packed up their picnic, James looked around sadly.

“I guess gnomes don’t exist,” he whispered.

But as he pulled on his jacket, he noticed something sticking out of the pocket.

It was the tiniest Valentine he’d ever seen.

Written in swirly red letters, it said, “Magic does exist.”

James smiled. Of course magic was real.

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