Billie Jean King Did What!!!

On Nora’s 7th birthday, she tore open her only present.

It was her mother’s old tennis racket… and it was love at first serve.

Racing to the YMCA for tennis club, Nora leaped over sidewalk cracks, stretched around trees, and backhanded bushes.

She had the fastest feet on the court. The sneakiest drop shot in town. And the hardest serve in the county. She was definitely the best player on the girls’ tennis team—maybe the best anywhere!

One day, Will Stevenson stopped her in the hallway. (Illus note: she’s at school and Will is a schoolmate). Will was the boastiest, braggiest, smuggest boy at school.

“You think you’re so great at tennis?” He smirked at Nora.

“Maybe you are…for a girl. But I could beat any girl, any time. Unless you’re scared?”

“Whatever, Will. You’re just jealous of my serve.” Nora turned to walk away, but Will stepped in front of her.

“I’m serious. You against me–a single timed match.”

Nora’s mind raced. What if she lost? What if she won? Her heart felt like a tennis ball bouncing inside her chest.

“You’re on!” she snapped.

She ran home, hardly believing what she’d just done.



A Tractor For Jessie

Today is a big day for Jessie.

Beep! Beep! His tractor is finally ready. (illus note: shows Jessie painting, cutting, decorating large box to look like a tractor. His dog is visible nearby.)

He is so excited, it feels like his birthday all over again.

Today he is going to drive his tractor to the building site.

All by himself.

Is he ready?

Jessie thinks and thinks.

Nope. Not yet.

Something is missing.

What does he need?

He has his tractor…


A worker vest so everyone can see him!

He slips it on.

It is bright orange with reflective green stripes that shimmer in the light.

Perfect. Jessie runs back to his tractor.