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Fall Frenzy Writing Contest, 200 Words

Jamal was bored. He craved excitement. Adventure.

But there was nothing but trees. He stared at them towering overhead.

The leaves appeared to be on fire, yellow and orange illuminated against the sky.

He watched as they floated softly to the ground, a pile forming beneath the tree.

Autumn seemed magical somehow, the way everything changed.

Without a second thought, Jamal dove into the pile.

He expected to feel a soft thump, the ground firm beneath him.


He tumbled.

Down, down, down.

Finally, he stopped. He was in a cave.

Crystals sparkled off the walls. A pool shimmered beside him.

And he was certain he heard giggling farther ahead.

Jamal smiled. Following the sound of laughter, he tiptoed through a tunnel.

The laughter sounded just beyond his reach.

As he wound through the underground maze, excitement fluttered deliciously in his stomach.

Finally, the tunnel ended in front of a tiny door.

Jamal was just able to squeeze through…

Into the most magnificent room he’d ever seen.

Here was everything his imagination had ever conjured.

Rocket ships, pirates, gnomes and fairies.

A mouse stood nearby, laughter dancing in his eyes.

Reaching out, he grasped Jamal’s hand…

And the adventures began.

I don’t need to know why you’re upside down, Rabbit…I’m just thankful we’re together.

I’m thankful for fun writing contests like this one! Contest rules:

  1. Thanksgiving appeal.
  2. Originality and creativity.
  3. Humor or heart tugging.
  4. Following the directions thoroughly. Very important. Not following directions may result is disqualification.

Check out other entries, or enter for yourself, at Alayne Kay Christian’s blog: https://alaynekaychristian.wordpress.com/2019/11/23/photo-caption-contest-with-prizes/#respond